The Park Opens

Jacob -

Opening day. Excitement was buzzing in the air as ferries of guests made their landings at the docks, ready to see the newest attraction InGen had been keeping behind closed doors. Everyone from celebrities to politicians, from reporters to the average (wealthy) Joe, was ready for the big day.

Jacob stood in the control room, a cup of coffee in hand, blinking back sleep from another restless night. He'd been stressed about the opening for a month, and the constant calls and texts from Ivan, his supervisor, hadn't been helping much. His wife and kids had been supportive, but even they could only do so much against the mounting stress.

He surveyed the map of the park, frowning to himself. "How are we looking?"

One of the technicians glanced at their computer screen, reading off the systems.

"The paddocks are all clean, dinosaurs fed. Gift shops and restaurant stocks are completely full, and security is in position. The aquarium and terrarium zones are all set up, and the tour shuttles are already running. All the information in the Visitor's Center is updated, and everything is clean as can be, boss."

Nothing had changed in the last half hour since Jacob had asked, but it was still encouraging to hear it again. Once again, the phone buzzed, and Jacob knew before answering who it was.

"How are we looking out there?" Ivan asked, not even bothering with a hello. "I'm watching on the news, they're saying the opening might be even bigger than the first park." He sounded absolutely gleeful, or at least as much as he could.

"Everything looks good and ready to go," Jacob confirmed, scanning the maps again. "All engines are running smoothly."

"Good. Now, remember. First we have the InGen video welcoming the guests, then it's your turn, make sure to keep to the script, and you'll do just fine. I'll be calling to check in throughout the day. Keep me posted."

Ivan hung up before Jacob could answer, so he pocketed his phone and looked back up at the map with a sigh.

"Yes sir."

Nelle -

Since it was probably the last time the Visitor's Center would be nearly empty for some time, Nelle was taking a chance to look around unimpeded. The fossil displays, some of which they had contributed to, all looked neat and menacing, the placards of information glinting.

They couldn't deny being excited. This was the first time they'd be here for a park opening, and even though they'd gotten many first-hand looks already, these things could always be more exciting with a crowd. The hecticness didn't appeal to them much, but it wasn't as though they had to interact with anyone, not unless they wanted to. Wandering through the little museum they had consulted on, they tried to guess what people would pay attention to most. The live animals, of course, the big fossils too, and the genetics lab were their bets.

Nelle made their way towards the latter, peering through the same viewing windows that guests would be looking through in a matter of minutes. Catching a glimpse of Emma through the window, doing a great job of looking engrossed in her work, Nelle waved, giving a thumbs up. Emma presumably smiled under the mask she wore and gave a thumbs-up back, before refocusing.

Any other day, Nelle would just walk in, after the entire disinfection process, of course, to watch her create "dinosaurs". That was a matter of contention for them, since, as much as Nelle liked the park and Emma, they definitely weren't making dinosaurs in their opinion. All the same, they waved goodbye and continued on with their meandering before going outside to the main park plaza. They could already hear the busy crowd waiting for the gate to open and after some consideration, decided to scope out a quiet spot, at least for now.

As they walked, the voice of the InGen Ceo came over the speakers, giving his video speech to the crowd as he began to welcome them to the park. It was almost time.

Selma -

It was hot, and Selma had already piled on layers of sunscreen in preparation for it, not wanting another egregious sunburn to ruin the trip. She had her recorder running to catch the speeches, both for the freelance assignment she'd been lucky enough to get and for her own show.

Although she wasn't sure if she'd be lucky enough to find another about the old crises on the islands, she was hoping she could manage something, anything that would catch the attention of eager listeners. It would be miles better than ghostwriting for some journalist who was too busy at a birthday party to go to this. The second biggest park opening in years, only behind its own counterpart.

Selma paused to write that down in her phone notes. It was a good line, and she planned on keeping that to herself.

As she wrote she was jostled slightly and glanced over to see a family standing beside her, two parents with someone she assumed was their daughter, who looked like she was trying to feign teenage boredom. The woman she assumed was the mother didn't seem to be faking her boredom, wiping away sweat with a grimace. Selma couldn't blame her. Only the father, taller than both his family members, seemed excited, and Selma realized the source of the jostle was from his nudging his family, apparently trying to get them to warm up to it. Selma almost felt for him.,

When the CEO's speech ended, another man came on screen, standing in what looked like a control room. He smiled and took off in a speech about the process of developing the park, introducing himself as the Head of Operations. Selma mostly tuned out, she was itching to get past the gate and get ahead of everyone else, and the recorder would cover her bases. s

Finally, the man, Mr. Probert, she needed to remember that for later, raised his arms slightly, his smile looking a little more genuine than it had at the beginning of the speech.

"I hope you all enjoy your visit. Welcome to Jurassic World."

The gates opened, and the crowd surged to be the first through the gates.

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