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Summary: Keep your feelings to yourself.

Manuel Caleb Esteban De La Rocha

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Students: Grey Shirts - Level 0

Other Names

Striving for his own identity he has decided to use his Anglo forename Caleb, rather than being Manuel junior.

Height & Weight

5' 11"

Appearance & Personal Stats

Caleb is a running back, he has a lithe strong build, he is definitely on the lighter end of the football bench, and relies on speed and agility on the pitch.
He has brown hair but likes to bleach or colour it.






Manuel comes from a well to do middle class family of Cuban origin, who lived in Miami. Originally from Spain when the family came to America back in the 1950s the took back the ancestral Castilian name 'de la Rocha'.
Definitely a jock Manuel was one of the school's elite and he quite liked that status.
In his junior year Manuel started becoming aware of the emotions of others. Fortunately the specialist he was referred to believed him and did not think he was crazy. Working together Manuel learned to protect himself from the intrusion of other peoples emotional states. His family know about his condition, as Manuel, the father of the family, had had a similar condition fleetingly as a teen. So, they accepted it and helped protect him and cope with it.
Manuel's father was advised by his son's specialist to contact a school that could help the boy. He has been at the school for three months now and really feels better because there are a lot fewer people's emotions to contend with.
He now uses his second forename Caleb.


Caleb is an exceptional football running back and was in all probability going to get a sports scholarship .
He loves Danzón, the official music and dance of Cuba that dates back to the late 1800s.
He has an interest in his own lineage, it's a family thing, his Dad has written book on the family, tracing the line all the way back to the province of Lusitania, part of Hispania Ulterior during the Roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.
He has recently developed a taste for the movies and tv shows of East Asia. Caleb is a really good sailor and is an adept scuba diver.


Empathy: Caleb is an empath able to sense, read, and sometimes manipulate the state of nearby beings, including their emotional state, intentions, and truthfulness.
Pathokinesis: He can psionically control one emotion at a time. He has affect several targets in the same area during that time or controlling the emotional states of multiple victims one at a time. Potentially he can change the amount of control he exerts over his victims, such as a simple emotional push or complete emotionless zombies who bow to his every whim.
His emotion control requires visual concentration and/or eye-contact. He also uses words to focus his powers.

He is bombarded by the emotions of people around him, and that he must focus on a single, strong emotion to protect himself from being overwhelmed.

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Image of Manuel Caleb Esteban De La Rocha
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