20: It's All in the Game - Ryusaku

It looked like the game was over for now, they had agreed to take a break but a duration had been notable not agreed. Ryusaku sat for ten minutes and waited for others to return but some didn’t. After five more minutes he got up with the intention of finding the others and coaxing them back to play.
Several were in the kitchen, boys and girls together in the boys’ dormitory kitchen. No one had any sense of boundaries here. Experience here told him they were not going to be moving any time soon, and he knew saying anything would get him nowhere so he moved on.
In the TV lounge Ethan was chatting animatedly with someone he could not see. Then he realised who it was and this was why he disliked communal furniture. Boundaries again.
“That is very unhygienic Jacob.”
“Suck my balls Ryu,” came the snarled reply.
“Why would… Never mind.”
Ethan did not look like he was coming back as he was paging through an index on the television.
Deciding the gaming session was over Ryusaki saved the game and gathered up his gear Before returning to his room.

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