20: All in the Game - Posted by Jake

Jake had heard of neither of the films Ethan had spoken about - assuming they were films. “I dunno much about Japanese and Korean stuff Ethan. The Russians aint big fans of either. But I am up for watching some. Adult themes sounds good to me. Are you gonna come with Ryusaku? You up for some Asian porn? I am guessing the answer is a surly no.”
Jake realised he and Ethan might have had a similar shitty upbringing. “I reckon I have pretty much seen everything too, doubt I can be shocked.”
The Russians had some Khazaks working for them. Thugs and expendable heavies. Their appetites knew no boundaries. Jake had been in more than a couple of snuff movies. He supposed it was a matter of time before someone paid to watch him get offed.
“Just ‘cos they say counseling is mandatory doesn’t mean you gotta go to them sessions don’t cha know.” Someone, probably some tall snotty Japanese stiff with a dozen sticks wedged up his ass, was going to point out that ‘mandatory’ meant exactly the opposite. “Fucking bleeding hearts are all the same, in counselling.” Jake griped as they headed to Ethan’s room. “Like those posh asshats know anything about real lives. I need a refill on my coffee Ethan. You want one?”

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