16: Nightcrawler (himself)

Kurt mouth dropped “heeey!! You had help” he smiled waving Jamie goodbye as he ran upstairs to his dorm room, “hey Daniel!” Hearing him apologize Kurt shook his head “no need sometimes I am too overwhelming making friends is still new but I’m glad we are friends”
He walked over “what are you reading?” He put his bag down as he forgot to put his clothes in the drawer, folding them neatly, he began to put photos of his parents and smiled. “Ah Daniel I was wondering if you could assist me making Linzer Auge? I want to offer Doctor Reyes some and we’ll I got to try Yorkshire pudding and I like it”

His tail wagged excitedly looking at himself in the mirror “oh boy dad would say “I always know when you are excited your tail gives it away..oh he’s right”

Walking to Daniel’s side of the room

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