19: Shen Li (Shen Li)

He had gone to an elite school, but compared to Xaveir's Refectory - and he had to assume that someplace this grand had to use such a name, he'd never heard it before. He had surveyed all the food available, but opted to duplicate Min's order. He wasn't particulary picky about food, but he did prefer Thai, Korean or Vietnamese food before all others, but that was what was readily available around his home. The pork smelled amazing, and he was sure its aroma would add to the soup base. He hoped the egg was soft boiled, but again, he wasn't that picky.

"I know I am going to like eating here, maybe I will even try some of America's cuisine besides hamburgers and fried chicken, probably the best export they ever made." He took a seat at a table, rolling his chop sticks out of habit before seeing that they were not disposables like his old school. "I might have asked before, but how long have you been here? I mean I get kinda fidgety when I am not doing things and need school to distract me? And what are classes like"

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