16: Nightcrawler (himself)

Kurt smiled but tilts his head with the mention of downtown abbey. He took his tablet looking it up than stared “what is your favorite kind of dessert?” Kurt sat on his bed enjoying the fluffiness as a “awe” escapes his mouth, “I can’t get use to how wonderful this bed feels sometimes, I know my mother is loving this bed and if she has to move I hope she can find beds like these”
He stared at his tablet his leg crossed and tail tapping the side, his mother called “ hallo mama was ist los?” he smiled nodding “ Ja, er ist jetzt bei mir” Kurt turned “mommy mother said, hello have you eaten? It’s another way to get you to eat german food”
Kurt smiled as his mother spoke about preparing one of his favorite as well seeing a old photo of the first discovery. Kurt didn’t realise he spoke in English “I know mom you found me crying on the banks of the river, papa always said I was a gift from God and whoever did this was a horrible person”

He smiled, “ david und ich machen heute linzer auge” He heard her laugh and he was shocked “really mom?” Kurt sat up “I love you mom I have to go sleep well”
Kurt hung up “Daniel are you ready sorry about that”

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