19: Shen Li (Shen Li)

Shen took the chopsticks they had, and stirred his noodles with the pair, he liked to squeeze the egg into bits to distribute it throughout the broth. He was fairly sure he could taste its effect on the mixture. He savored the incredible mixture satisfied that the kitchen knew what it was doing. He "mmm'd" his approval.

"Physics," he said. He gently slurped his nooded, the volume was barely audible, and suggested it was a practiced trait not a natural one. He understood the cultural niceties surrounding soups and foods, but his mother had taught him to mind not only your company but the context. He understood that Americans often found slurping to be rude, but his native culture sort of expected it, so the quiet method was the middle ground. "I like figuring out how things work and while I am not the best at Mathematics, I manage, but I love the concepts that govern existence, how they have no consideration for aesthetics, but are nevertheless the most beautiful patterns in existence."

He was glad for the information about class size, and intrigued by the notion of grouping people by ability than age. He suppose it might have to be implemented carefully since an older student might resent seeming a poor student for being lumped in with people younger.

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