The Meeting Of Sorts

Maxx: I found several liiiiiiiiiiiiiife forms onboard. Some are heading to the briiiiiiiidge. Several unknown arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre in the mall. Severallllllllllllllll unknown are attttttttttttt the gardens. To many to cccccccccccount and identify.

Evelina: Can you identify the ones coming here?

Maxx: Scannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning. I ammmmmmm picking upppppppp Second Technician Barf Barker, Mmmmmmmmidshipman Graay Drifter, Civvvvvvvilians Sora Elgin and lark Windward. I am alssssssssssssoooo detecting an Elvis droid in the Officer's Quarters.

Evelina: So how long till they arrive?

Suddenly several people came through the open door one at a time.

Maxx: Theeeeeeeyyyyyyy are here. Yeaaaaaaaaaah... Who wants cake and pie?

Jaxx turned around along with Evelina as the new faces arrived.

Bark arrived and was tired and out of breath as his tongue was hanging out as he panted. Being overweight and out of shape made his journey all to hard for him. he stayed hunched over as he was catching his breath and drooling on the floor.

Bark: Th.........tha.........that was..........a lot........of stairs.

Jaxx: Wut up dog dude?

Evelina saw his name tag on his uniform.

Evelina: Hello Bark. I am Evelina from the shopping mall and this here is Jaxx.

Bark simply waved as he was to tired to talk. Then a cat like woman entered the room as if she was a princess.

“Barker, my dear, could you have some of the cleaning droids take care of the dreadful piles of ash?” She asked in a pleading tone. She did stay a little out of the reach of Barker. He slightly made the hair on the back of her neck raise.
“Our dear Maxx said that your droids found part of the missing library items,” She said with some delight.

“And who is this hansom couple,” she asked of Evelina and Jaxx.
She smiled at the blonds and moved her hands down to her lap after she greeted them.

Jaxx waved with a big goofy smile on his face and Evelina greeted her with a polite wave.

Jaxx: Like hello and stuff.

Evelina: Hello Miss?

Then they were interrupted again as a Wolfman came in.

Gray placed his hand on the panel. The bulkhead doors opened He could hear the AI announce Gray The voice was glitchy and distorted. He walked in and eyed everyone there. Gray, could not make out their scent as Gray sniffed the stale air.

"I am midshipmen Gray Drifter, who authorized you on to the bridge? what are you doing here?" Gray inquired.

Jaxx: Uhh woah. Chill out bro.

Evelina: The door opened up for Jaxx here. Despite his appearance he has a rank called "Master Chief".

Jaxx: Oh yeah Evebabe. I totally forgot about that.

Evelina: So Midshipmen Gray Drifter was it? Did you find anything useful on your way here? Its hard to get a straight answer out of Maxx since he is a bit buggy.

Jaxx: He is totally buggin bro.

Maxx: Aaaaaaaand now for the newssssssssss!

Then a blonde female came in. She had blonde hair and light skin.

She put her hand on a a panel that she guessed might open it and, much to her surprise, it worked. Her other surprise there were living beings on the ship, other than herself and rat people.

"Well, look at that I" Lark exclaimed not sure what else to say.

Jaxx: Most righteous. Evebabe we totally got a new person.

Evelina: You are right Jaxx. It would be nice if the Captain was still around to help us.

Jaxx: Totally! It would be righteous if the Captain was around.

Maxx: Authuuuuuuurization approved.

Suddenly a man resembling the Captain appeared made out of light. He had a shiny "H" on his forehead as he saluted everyone.

Captain: Greetings crew this is your very talented Captain. Captain Holden Teabagg at your service. At ease crew.

Then the Captain began to walk in a circle with a crazed look in his eye as he rambled on while pointing to the ceiling.

Captain: We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Evelina: Looks like the Captain is off his rocker. Be a dear and turn him off Jaxx.

Jaxx: Huh? Turn off the Captain?

Maxx: Authuuuuuuurization appppppproved.

Captain: Hey wait....

The Captain vanished and a small device for holograms called a Light Bug dropped on the floor.

Evelina: What is that?

Bark: Its a Light Bug. We use them to bring back dead crew members in the form of a hologram.

Jaxx: What now Evebabe?

Bark: Maybe the pilot?

Evelina: Great idea. Jaxx tell Maxx to activate the pilot.

Jaxx: Activate the pilot? Really?

Maxx: Authorization apppppppppppproved.

Suddenly First Console Officer Honey Rider appeared where the Light Bug was as it hovered inside her.

Honey: Hello, hello, hello chaps what's going on?


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