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Summary: Let's shake it, baby!


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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Human


East Euro-Goth


Lives in the Eternia District with her boyfriend, He-Man

Arrived From

Dimension Nasty - 1945

Physical Appearance

Lucy is a latex clad nun in stiletto heels, with pale skin, pouty red lips, and enough cleavage to satisfy God himself. Sometimes she wears a gasmask which she keeps in a small panda-bear backpack. Owns a Mosin Nagant sniper rifle.

Personality and interests

Nice, but kind of bitchy at times. Kind of a handful. Interests include naughty things, marksmanship, and heavy metal.

Detests werewolves, as Robot Hitler's gay lover, Kim Junk Un was a werewolf.


Following the nuclear destruction of Dimension Nasty - 1945, Lucy escaped through a mysterious portal hidden beneath one of Robot Hitler's secret bunkers. Soon after arriving in Elderwood, she met He-Man and fell in love with him.


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Image of Lucy
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