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Summary: Sister, come we need not worry about such small matters.

Lily/Samantha Thorn

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal- appears 22

Group: Witch/Wizard




Historic District

Arrived From


Physical Appearance

Two headed one head red hair blue eyes freckles(Lily), the second red hair brain eyes clear complexion(Samantha), one body

Personality and interests

Lily is the meaner of the two she was studying dark magic while Samantha was studying light magic. They are the founders of Elderwind as they were the ones that opened the portal and it ripped a hole across time/dimensions/worlds. They meet with the Council weekly and the entire town alongside the Council every month.


A slave to a cruel queen since birth, unwanted they were sold because of being a oddity. They studied magic in secrecy until they dispose of the queen and escape into a portal - unaware the portal would never close.



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Image of Lily/Samantha Thorn
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