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Gender: Manliest of Men

Age: 29

Group: Other




Eternia District

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Physical Appearance

Tall, handsome, and more muscular than any creature has ever been in the history of anything, ever. Biceps on top of biceps, with biceps on either side, too. And that's just his eyebrows!

Not one for fancy formal wear, he typically wears a pair of woolly mammoth underwear with matching boots and an armored chest harness that looks like it came out of a vintage fetish film.

Personality and interests

He-Man is a stand-up, do-right kind of guy. However, since Skeletor's death he's somewhat fallen from grace and taken to drinking more than he should. Thankfully Lucy is around to keep him from making any truly bad decisions.


After Skeletor died of testicular cancer, He-Man found himself unemployed. Between that and the rapid influx of skinny-jeen wearing sissy-boys, he decided it was best to relocate. Following some advice from Orco, he hopped through a magic portal into Elderwood. There, he did a LOT of drinking and on at least one occasion, sold his body for money. He doesn't talk about it. It was a dark time for him. Luckily Lucy came along. She doesn't exactly help him make 'good' decisions, just better ones.


Nope. No other.

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Image of He-Man
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