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Summary: I will eat your liver for breakfast dog.

Bellatrix Lemon

Gender: Female

Age: 30 eternally

Group: Vampires





Arrived From

Modern day New York

Physical Appearance

Red hair
Green eyes
Scar on face

Personality and interests

Bella is a care free freshly made vampire who escaped her sire or tried to through a magical portal. She enjoys jogging, fighting weres, and killing innocents but she also enjoys helping people.


Her human life was nothing special, mentally abused by her parents and physically abused by a her ex boyfriend. Her sure was stalking her for months before attacking her one night while she was walking home from the strip club she worked at. After the change she stayed for a few months before fleeing in the night.


Sire is Cyrus Minkle

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Image of Bellatrix Lemon
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