This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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In the center of the Forrest of Elderwind, lays the town of Elderwood. The center of Elderwood is a magical portal to all different realms/dimensions/alternate realitys/and time periods. Leading to a very interesting population including supernatural beings.
Each district of town has been set up to resemble as closely as possible where those who reside there have arrived from.

Elderwind was created by mistake, Lily and Samantha never intended for the portal to stay open. They had intended on a small population of escapees that came with them through the portal. They have places safe guards to try to stop people from following them from their birth location but who knows if someone’s magic out there is stronger then theirs.

Council Members
How To Apply
Email following form to DarkFairyVibe@Gmail.Com
Character Name:
Reasoning for wanting to be on Council:
What you can offer to the council:
Current Council Members
Founders: Lily & Samantha Thorn
NSFW Guidelines/Writing Partners
NSFW allowed please mark your post with *18+ NSFW* in the title. Not allowed on any town threads personal threads only.
When seeking writing partners for personal thread please post the following as a OCC post please - Seeking WP
Thread title: if existing thread
NSFW Ok?: ( Please make sure your WP is 18+ please)
What your looking for in thread and for your character?
Rules For Peaceful Game Play
Never do anything or say something for someone’s character without their permission. No harm or murder without consent of writer.
All fandoms etc. welcome no cannon characters tho .