Aches of a lonely heart & The naive thoughts of a pure soul

Aches of a lonely heart
Lily was looking in the mirror on her side of the bed as Samantha snored softly in her ear. Having a attached twin was the first, Samantha was basically useless in her eyes just a extra head and not a bright one in her personal opinion. She longed to live a normal life, filled with romance, passion and most of all friends.
No one ever cared enough to get to know them personally, members of the council wanted nothing to do with the freaks outside of the council. She was trying to find ways to get rid of her twin without ending her own life as well but was unsure of how to do it. Her own life force was so entangled of that of her sister she had no idea if her soul would make it. She sighed and turned to her glaze to the ceiling, she couldn’t believe her life and really just wanted a new one. She closes her eyes, forcing her mind to go blank and as she drifted off to sleep she dreamed of being her own person and finding love..

The naive thoughts of a pure soul
Samantha always woke earlier than her sister and she would just read her book silently turning pages with the hand she controlled as her sister slept. She loved her sister more than anything in the world and even thought she wanted a normal life she couldn’t imagine a life where she didn’t have her sister.
Once Lily started stirring, Samantha marked her place and they got up to go about their morning routine.
First to the chamberpot, then to splash some cold water from the basin onto their faces. Next they managed to get dressed and would go to breakfast in the lower wing.
Susie the help would have breakfast laid out waiting for them, with fresh tea along with packed lunches and snacks if they planned on a afternoon outing. Samantha saw nothing but joy in her life and was so happy to be spending it with her sister.

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