Lucy and He-Man's intro

"Come on! They're on the run! We'll never get a chance like this again. Either we end this here and now, or we'll never stop Robot Hitler!" Lucy screamed to her fellow rebels.

The leather-clad freedom fighters all cheered and surged forth through the dizzying hail of gunfire. Artillery rained down, leaving craters the size of station wagons. Yet enough of them made it through. To the north, a machinegun nest exploded amongst the concussive blast of a satchel charge. With those guns silenced, more warriors flooded cross the battlefield. In minutes, the last of Robot Hitler's forces were fleeing in complete disarray. The only thing that remained was Robot Hitler himself, hidden away in the bottom most level of his command bunker.

"You two, guard this door! He's mine!" she ordered two of her personal guard.

"Yes, ma'am!" the two petite women said, taking up positions on either side of the smoking entrance.

"Ma'am, are you really going in there alone?" one of them asked, concerned.

Lucy wrapped her hand around the woman's throat and pushed her up against the concrete wall behind her.

"If I don't come back Slut, tell them to bomb this place for a week straight. Drop every single bomb they have on it! Leave a crater deep enough to swallow up the moon," she said into the woman's face.

Then she kissed her forcefully, sliding her tongue deep into the other woman's mouth. Her eyes rolled and she moaned. When Lucy released her, she almost fell to her knees.

"Y- yes ma'am," she stammered.

"Good," Lucy said and went in.

Creeping through the darkened passages, Mosin Nagant at the ready, she didn't encounter one single enemy soldier. Level after level, she descended deep into the cold earth. Finally she came to a massive titanium blast door, left conspicuously ajar.

"Vell? Vhat are you vaiting for? Come in," Robot Hitler's mechanically synthesized voice called out to her.

Cautiously, she entered. Inside, the far wall was covered in monitors, back lighting the massive figure of her arch nemesis. Every aspect of the battlefield could be watched remotely from that room.

"How long have ve been fighting? Hmmm? All you're life. All for nussink! You sink you've von? If I can't have zis vorld, noone can! Ha ha ha! Look!" Robot Hitler said and slammed a mechanical fist on a nearby control panel.

"No!!!!" Lucy screamed.

On the monitors, she watched as eleven-million nuclear missiles launched, targeting every square inch of the planet. Robot Hitler laughed maniacally.

"All for nussink!" he screamed again.

"Ahhhh!" Lucy screamed and blew his head clean off his shoulders. "Bastard!"

"Oww," the head said as it fell to the ground and its red glowing eyes fadded out.

And then she fell to her knees and watched as the missiles began to rain down across the planet. Any minute she, along with all of Dimension Nasty - 1945 would be vaporized in a cloud of nuclear destruction.

But then something caught her eye. She turned. A sign on the wall had lit up.

'Portal Charged,' it read.

She stepped through and was immediately engulfed in green and red prismatic lights. They danced around her, hypnotically...

"Gahh!" Lucy shot up in bed.

Her chest heaved as though she had just run a marathon. Sweat dripped from her face. She could almost smell the ionized particles in the air.

"Just a dream... It was just a dream," she told herself.

No. It was a memory. A memory of the day her world and everyone on it ceased to exist.

She looked over to the muscular mass sleeping next to her on the bed. Everyone in his kingdom had turned against him, begrudging his unprecedented masculinity. Cast aside were the memories of the many, many times he'd saved Eternia from certain doom. Once that threat was lifted, the whole kingdom went metrosexual overnight. He'd woken up to a land filled with skinny jeans, pink tank tops, and douche bag sunglasses. He'd known then and there that he had to leave.

All things considered, he was probably more messed up than she was. Best to let him sleep. Morning would come soon enough...

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