"I should have done this hours ago." Muffin muttered to herself, breathing in the cool evening air and letting it back out with a long, contented sigh.
She could think of no better way to relax, destress and clear your mind than simply going for a nice, peaceful stroll down a quiet country road.
Then again, as pleasant as it was to feel the warm sun on her back as she relaxed there was still something to be said for an evening walk. Everything just seemed to be more peaceful after the sun set.
Granted as late as it was there probably wouldn't be much 'people watching' to do in town, but she was okay with that. There would always be other opportunities.
Right now all she wanted to do was relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of an evening stroll.
The smell of the grass on the cool evening breeze, the chirping of the crickets, the glare of the headlights, the squealing of.....
Oh butt nuggets!

Muffin froze like a deer in the headlights, unable to react or even think as the car came barreling at her. All she could do was watch helplessly as it swerved past her and crashed into the bowling alley!
It took only seconds for her to be able to move again, although it felt like an eternity.
As she slowly walked towards the car her mind started racing with thoughts of Meghan, her parents, Muffin's own mortality..... Was she immortal? She didn't know. She'd been around for centuries, but she could be injured the same as any other creature.
She wondered if she could die.

"You okay?" He asked her. "Seemed like those idiots didn't see you given how dark it is tonight."

The Man's question barely even registered as muffin stared at the car, still in a state of shock.

uh, yes." she said quietly.
"Just a little shaken....."
Muffin's words trailed off as her head turned slowly from the car to Caleb, her eyes widening again as the shock started to wear off and realization started sinking in.
"Um, hello." She says quietly, looking around to make sure no one else is in hearing range.
"I don't suppose you're drunk enough to forget about this, are you?"

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