The Alien Is Calm At Least

Niq was running as fast as her legs would let her, muscles burning with the panicking exertion she was using. “Hell no! Hell no!” She was screaming as the goblins chased her through the area. Her breathing was labored and her heart was pounding so loudly, she was sure it wanted to burst.

“The one time I don’t have a gun this happens!” She screamed again and hopped over a rock, only for a goblin to intercept her. It tripped the little raccoon woman and she went tumbling, rolling through the dirt and landing on her stomach.

Before she got up and attempted to start running again, though, a blade stabbed into one of her hands, pulling a scream from her. There was a place in the distance. A town, maybe?

If someone was there, she prayed they would help her.

Kendra was sitting at the kitchen table, dressed in one of her favorite dresses, sipping from a mug. Dinner was already set and she had not touched a single piece of food on her own plate. However, the young brunette across from her was already halfway through a plate of food.

“In here, my love,” The witch called, looking to the doorway with a smile. “Young Fran has joined us tonight. The missing items around town have her filled with fear and being in that big house alone is not healthy for her.”

“Hello, Mr. Falcone,” The little brunette said with a kind smile. Fran was petite, fairly thin, and always seemed to be happy. Sometimes, Kendra worried the girl would be happy even if something were trying to eat her alive.

Amanda may not have noticed the goblin, but Ed did. He let out a low growl toward it, a warning that if it did not leave now, it would get its intestines thrown into a car engine. The hyena male was very protective of his mate and the beautiful pups she had given him. He only ever worked now when it was bright outside, when the sun was shining.

He would not risk Amanda being alone in the later hours, especially since her father’s cancer was back.

It was up to Ed to keep the house safe.

Dolly dropped the piece of food she was eating and walked over to the unconscious goblin. She had barely flinched when Tucker shot up and shouted at it. “That looks like a goblin, hun.” She explained and crouched next to it. Reaching down, the pink haired alien grabbed onto its chin and frowned.

“Call Freddy,” She ordered.

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