Chaos Engine

The goblins were almost upon her, the one that had stabbed her licking its thin lips as they drew closer...

And then a shadow blocked the full moon light and sent the goblins fleeing while others were sliced in half by a massive blade. Brutus stood over the poor raccoon girl, sword in both hands, dripping with goblin blood. His one good eye staring down the little pests with righteous fury as he swung his sword again and cleaved through another group which had turned to retaliate against him.

A foolhardy move as the more wiser ones soon found out as they fled back underground.

Brutus then shouldered his massive weapon and turned to Niq, offering his hand to her. "Are you okay?" He asked, his voice surprisingly soft for someone so large and intimidating.


Freddy looked to Fran and smiled. "Please, Fran. Just call me Freddy." He then looked to Kendra. "I've been hearing a lot of talk about things going missing and rumors of goblins. What's going on you wonder?"

Then his phone rang. Answering it he saw it was Dolly's number. "Hey, Tucker. What's up?" It was then that he told him about the goblin and his brow furrowed. "If you want you and Dolly can come over and hold up with us. Though I imagine Kendra's gonna want to help the rest of the town too." then he looked to Kendra. "We've got a goblin problem..."


When Amanda heard the growl she jolted awake and saw the goblin peering in the window. Instinctually her arms went around her babies protectively and she glowered at the creature. Nothing would hurt her babies. The .45 on the nightstand would help her see to that.

"Amanda?" Her father suddenly called to her as he appeared in the bedroom doorway, shotgun in hand. "I think we got a real pest problem outside." He looked to Ed, nodding to him. "See you're already on it, son." He grinned. "I knew you were a good one." Then he heard a window crash on the other side of the house. He sighed. "Guess this is gonna be an interesting night..."


Mr. Wrench was driving though town with Sarah when he began to see all the goblins crawling around and causing havoc. It looked like a scene out of Gremlins, only there was far more blood and rape going on here. Flooring the gas pedal he started to run down any and all goblins in his path. However soon he was forced to stop as a car wreck ahead of them blocked the road.

Wasting no time, Mr. Wrench hopped out of the car, popping the back hatch of the car open and getting to his new pride and joy: a M-1928A1 Thomson Submachine Gun... With a big grin on his face Mr. Wrench made sure the weapon was loaded and ready to go before opening fire on the first group of goblins that tried to get close to him and Sarah.

Mr. Wrench went to work... A very big smile on his face as he did so.

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