Kendra's Vision

The moment the goblin was away from her, Niq ripped the knife from her injured hand and sat up just as the smart minded ones of the goblins ran for their lives. Exhausted from both running and feeling a fear she had not felt in a long time, she looked up to meet the handsome hyena-man before her.

Without thinking, she was taking his hand, a smile forming on her face. The soft voice was a surprise for such a large and powerful male, but somehow it worked. Somehow it matched this fellow.

“I’m okay for the most part.” She answered softly. “Just a stabbed hand”

Looking back for a moment, she grimaced and turned to gaze at him once more. “Got any sniper rifles? I’m good with those.” She stated, obviously willing to help with the pest problem.


Just as the call from Dolly came in, Kendra’s mind was swept away and she could see things - past, present, future - mingling together in a cacophony of chaos. Her hands set the mug down upon the table and she began to mumble things. “Buried deep long ago…waking up and fleeing the shine of their greed…” Confusing words at best, but they were clues to something bigger, something behind the reason for these goblin attacks.

Fran looked at Freddy and Kendra with fear in her eyes. “What is she talking about?” She spoke softly.

“They’re coming…they are coming…coming for all…they are coming! THEY ARE COMING!” Kendra was screaming, grabbing at her head and shaking violently.

“Who’s coming?!” Fran cried and looked at Freddy for help as she back away from the table.


Hearing the crash did not deter Ed from keeping his mate safe. When the goblins attempted to break into the room, he was upon them quickly, ripping and tearing at flesh. Blood would be all over the place, but in his mind it was better to clean up a mess than to lose the ones he loved.

The window that crashed would turn out to be an accident when David eventually arrived to investigate. Outside were two red heads, one with bladed legs, but both were equally dangerous.

These women were known as Julia Carsons and Carol Palmer, sisters that always took care of their own and the place they lived in. Since Jackalope Crossing was their new home, that meant these goblins were very unwelcome.

“Ya ruined that David’s window, Carol,” Julia stated as she stabbed a goblin in the gut and sent it flying into a nearby rock. “Ugly buggers, ain’t they?” Her eyes narrowed and she quickly turned, lifting her legs and slicing a goblin across the throat. Blood flew as the foolish creature fell to the ground.

As for Carol, if she wasn’t shooting them, she was punching the goblins. “He can bill me!” She called in reply just as a shot rang out, a goblin behind her falling to the ground with its head blown clean off. Looking at the cause of its death, she was happy to see her nephew. “Welcome ta tha party, Trevor!”

Trevor Carsons was silent, teleporting from spot to spot, taking a shot each time until he was completely out of bullets. This was when he chose to return the shotgun to his back and pull out a sharp knife. Slit throats were just part of the day for him…


Sarah wasn’t afraid when they had to finally stop to deal with the goblins. She was angry.

Climbing atop Mr. Wrench’s car, she began taking goblins out with her rifle quickly. “Get away from us, you disgusting schmucks!” She yelled and kicked one in the right direction for Mr. Wrench to gun down. He could not hear her, but he most likely could see the anger in her eyes mixed with worry. She not only worried for the two of them, but for her brother, mother, and aunt as well.

“I swear if that older brother of mine isn’t being careful, I’ll kick his ass!”


Even atop a building, there was a certain sniper taking out goblins and aiding a friend of his known as Bunz. The little ninja of a rabbit was down there, cutting at goblin after goblin, stealing items of worth off the ugly dead things.

Gilbert, however, was more concerned with their survival.

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