After a stroll

That's one word for it.
Also unusual, strange, bizarre, concerning.....
All words which would fit. No doubt in her mind at all.
Bat s##t crazy would also fit quite nicely, and probably be more accurate. But that was more than one word. No cheating allowed.
So many new faces showing up. So many people. Not that that was a problem in and of itself, but some of them just seemed a bit..... off.
Not that their appearance mattered to her, really. Honestly she's seen all kinds during her lifetime.
I mean what does really matter if the local grease monkey is more canine than primate, or if the resident vagrant is a pot smoking alien with a harem of possums that turned 'mostly' human, or.....
Well okay. Maybe bat s##t crazy is the only real fit here. But still it didn't seem like a bad kind of crazy.
For the most part.
Granted, most of the people in town were here before she showed up. And she still only spoke with a couple of them. So she really didn't have the benefit of getting to know any of the newcomers personally.
But still, some of them just seemed off. Like the sort of people you wouldn't want to meet in a brightly lit alley.
She hoped she was wrong, but she just couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something very bad was going to happen.
Or did it already happen? She wasn't quite sure anymore.
Muffin let out a heavy sigh, wondering once again how unusual it was that the biggest reason she had to for hands was just so she'd be able to rub her own temples.

Of course, it hadn't been all bad.
There was a bit of an adjustment period after finally revealing her secret to Meghan's parents.
For the first few weeks she'd been constantly worrying that they'd try to turn her in to the government or make a few bucks off of the one and only 'miracle horse'.
And of course, Meghan's parents had been worried about Meghan. They did a poor job of hiding their suspicion, but eventually they realized that if she had really wanted to hurt their daughter she would have long ago.
But after a certain level of trust was built between them she started to feel as if she could finally relax and let her guard down. For the first time in she didn't know how long, she could finally be at ease.
She was even thinking of talking to them about putting a bay window in her barn.
She'd have to wait to ask them though. Maybe over a bowl of tea and some muffins.
For now she just wanted to do what she always does after her evening walk, and just relax with some pleasant music.
Besides, Meghan was busy getting carried off by a little green skinned guy anyway.
.oO(Good for her.) Muffin thought as she wandered back towards the barn, lost in thought.
.oO(I hope she and her new friend have fun togeth.....)
Hold up. Little green skinned guy?
And more to the point, carried?!?
Muffin made it halfway through the barn door before she turned back around, the realization of the situation finally dawning on her.
A little green guy. Carrying Meghan.
An unresponsive and apparently unconscious Meghan.
Away from the house.

The goblin heard the thunder of Muffin's hooves rapidly approaching him long before he saw her. He tried to drop the girl and run, but in doing so he only made it possible for the horse to bowl him over without the risk of hurting Meghan.
In an instant he was on the ground, very much unconscious after getting trampled and sat on hard by a horse hat weighed well over a thousand pounds!
As soon as she was certain the goblin was no longer a threat, she checked on Meghan to see if she was still alive.
Then she started yelling for Mr .and Mrs. Winters to call 911.

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