That's New

Dolly was surprised by Freddy's rescue, but did not argue as she took a step out of the way. The pinkette was so thankful, but so afraid all at the same time. This man had given her "that" look a few times, indicating to her that he may very well know what she really is. The thought of a human knowing what she was frightened her more than anything.

What if he told someone?

What if he sent her to be dissected or experimented on?

There was no time to think about these questions, though, because of what happened next...

And then the sharp screech of tires dragging across asphalt turned all heads to the front window as a little red Ford went careening into the bowling alley.

"What tha...?" She whispered and stepped around to see if anyone was hurt, only noticing the two people that slipped out of the red Ford and rushed away. "Well, that's odd...and we live in an odd place."

The four young men looked outside at said chaos and just decided to pay their bills and their leave, even dropping a nice hefty tip for Dolly.

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