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Rio - Doomsday Protocol

East Village, Little Tokyo Redlight District
New York City
Feb 14th - 10:52:00 Standard Time


Thankfully the artificial body she was wearing was a specialized military build with a good number of high-end or mil-spec graded hardware built into it so the EMP that had been used on her hadn’t inflicted much in the way of lasting damage.

That said the reality was that she hadn’t escaped injury entirely having suffered a fair number of minor injuries as well as having apparently been tagged during the exchange of gunfire which had resulted in the loss of an ear as well as damage to the protective cover connections port that had once lay hidden just behind said ear.

Rio couldn’t help but let her fingers trace over the damaged area noting the loss. The fact that her ear was gone didn’t really bug her all that much given that its function was purely cosmetic but that said the EMP had resulted in the death of every nanite associated with her universal cosmetic package thus self-repair and reconstructive features were disabled until she could see a body doc about repairs.

All that said she didn’t have all that long to get her shit in order and disappear before local Law Enforcement or Corporate security made an appearance and given that it looked like Corporate security had been the ones who had just tried to off her. Rio really wasn’t inclined to wait for either to show up to ask questions.

“Amanda are you online?” Rio gave the verbal command aloud as she collected her duffle off the floor near the ruins of her couch and rushed across the room pulling off the cover to a hidden wall safe.

“Yes Mistress.” The household AI sounded back after a moment.

“Good girl. How far out is Law Enforcement or Corporate Security Team at this time?” Rio inquired as she popped the manual lock on the hidden safe and pulled out the safe’s assorted contents stuffing them into the duffle.”

There was a short delay before the Household AI responded.

”Law Enforcement has just dispatched a patrol vehicle to address a complaint call which will arrive in 15 minutes. Corporate Security has received an security response request but currently has failed to confirm receipt or the request nor dispatch a respond team.”

“I see…” Rio frowned to herself noting that the lack of response from Corporate security could mean that they knew that something had happened and were delaying or they didn’t know something had happened and someone on the inside was covering up the event. “Amanda, Protocol Command Menu.”

“Ready.” Amanda responded.

“Initiate Doomsday Protocal, minus 30 minute timer please.” Rio announced throwing the duffle over her shoulder as she headed for the hole in the wall that had once been a door.

“Doomsday Confirmed, All Systems data purge at minus 30 minutes.” Amanda announced.

Rio sighed and gave the ruins of her apartment a final once over offering a sad sigh as she stepped into the corridor and headed for the stairs. Pausing only briefly to put a bullet in the back of the head of the suit that had somehow managed to crawl halfway down the corridor.

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