Thousands of shards of glass surrounded him, falling with him from the Island's highest point. Bodybags had this thing they could do - adjust their perception of time. Though it happened in seconds it felt like minutes to Todd, like slow motion. Like magic. He could see his reflection upon the larger glass fragments, his jaw hanging open screaming. His dilated pupils standing still.

He thought how angry the Org would be if he fucked this up, he knew they wouldn't be angry about the murder of Detective Mills, he'd be applauded for that. But if he didn't find those two detectives, Jensen and Vance. Or worse if he didn't survive this fall, then the Org would be pissed. They'd hide any traces of it, they'd dump Todd's body in the Hudson and call the next member to do it properly.

Then Todd thought about what his dear old 'dad' Alaistair Todd would make of what he was doing. His dad was always against people being hurt, especially if he was for money. He knew that Gallano had practices that weren't entirely ethical in their Bodybag research and development, things that Alaistair would constantly protest about.

Then he thought what if it was Gallano that caused dad's disappearance? What if he knew too much? Would they kill him? Surely not, Alaistair was a top scientist, one of the best. They wouldn't do that to their own, would they? He had thought up so many different theories since he vanished that he began to suspect that he might have thought that once before.

The shards continue to spin, falling to the Earth like a meteorite. Then he felt the sudden impact of the hard concrete. Like a surprise punch to the face, but only a hundred times worse. He felt everything go dark and then...


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