The New Beginnings SUMMARISED

Detective Sponge is called back for a new assignment be Chief Police Sandy. She tells him a new Mafia boss has risen called Paparious Smurficous (Papa Smurf). He is building a robot dinosaur that could destroy the world in one Fart. He has to find it,destroy it and do the dirty.He’s in the back ally’s of da hood and finds his old deputy detectives grave (a sewer). It opens up and out crawls long thought to be dead Deputy Patrick Clover.They find a warehouse and find a button inside.They do in two guards and get in the big facility under the warehouse. A guard trips in a body and the alarm is sounded.They escape but the robo-saur emerges from behind.Chief police sandy arrives aswell as officers krabs,big,Chungus and big Chungsus.The pew pew commons don’t work so Sandy bellyflops onto the robo-sauces head killing it and Paparious Smurficus says him and Darth Gonk will make a new invention.