Morning Rush

The alarm clock buzzed at maximum volume.

David threw the covers off of his almost nude body, hopped out of bed, and stood in the only clean spot available on his bedroom floor.
He looked over at the wall calendar above his desk, Tuesday. Tuesday's he always wore a blue shirt.
Glancing on the floor, he grabbed the first blue shirt within his reach. Slid the dirty garb over his head, and continued to search the room for other articles of clothing. He had to make it to work on time, no more showing up late. He enjoyed this job so much better than the other 6 he had worked earlier this year.
He continued to dance around the room looking for a pair of pants, but he was surprised how tight and uncomfortable the shirt felt on his chest. Not thinking much of it, he continued to move through the collection of clothes, books, and various personal belongings. That's when he saw from the corner of his eye something out of the ordinary. He paused to stare at himself in the mirror.

With a shocked and confused look on his face he muttered to himself, "What the hell happened?"

Of course, he wasn't looking at his face in the mirror. David was staring at his shirt!
The shirt was tight yes, but there was nothing wrong with the shirt.

It was his breasts, somehow overnight while sleeping, they began to GROW?!

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