Table, Feed, Bright

She stood there in front of the table folding pretty blouses of all different colors and fabrics. Normally, she would be hating this job, but today was different.

She paused and held one up, examining it wondering what David would think of her wearing it for him on their next date together. He definitely was the only thing on her mind today.

She could still feel his arms around her from the night before, their first time together like lovers. She was of age, but it was her first time. She was so happy to wait for someone like David because she was sure they would be together forever. She felt the bright glow around her that people often tell others they have the next morning after sex.

She began to stare out the stores entranceway and into the mall hallway. She didn't realize she was daydreaming again about the night before. How his body, pushing up against hers, and eventually giving herself to him. She was scared at first, but excited. Like in a scary movie where she was the frightened damsel and David was a dark, seductive vampire needing to feed.

"And boy did he ever." she thought to herself.

She smiled as she blushed, placed the blouse down onto the table and sighed. She didn't believe herself when she saw David in the hallway at first. He was there in front of the store walking towards it with a couple of friends. Her heart jumped in excitement and she wanted to call out, but something seemed off.

He was with somebody?
He was holding her hand?
She had never seen this other girl before.

She was confused and the jump in excitement turned to a drop of sheer dread and jealousy. She didn't know what to do. At the same time she felt the blood of rage swell, and a wave of despair come over her.

She wanted to cry and run into the back of the store, and she wanted to run into his arms crying wanting to know why? She wanted to tear both their hands apart and assault this other girl.

She saw David's face turn anxious as he all of a sudden realized where they were. This was "her" store. She felt her body begin to shake as she watched David nervously try to shuffle the hussy and his friends to some other store.

Stepping behind a rack of sweaters out of sight, hands shaking uncontrollably, and in the pit of her stomach a ball of utter rage, she watched the group enter the doorway of her store unbeknownst to them what was about to unfurl.

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