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Summary: The Cowardly Mayor

Mayor Jander

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Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: NPC


The Holy Roman Empire


Maintaining order of the town, reading, religious teachings, and cooking.



Physical Appearance

A short, fat man, with wizen features. His hair is receding, and his wrinkled skin is unnaturally pale. He often wears fine clothes with petty gems adorned to it.

Personality and interests

Jander is a spineless man, who is know for being greedy, but cowardly. He will do whatever to gain favor or save his skin.


Janer was raised in Spalding, his father being the previous Mayor of the town. Janer was raised better than the others, so he looks highly of himself. He knows more than he let's off, showing he is a coward who would save his own skin to live.


A cross and a bible

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Image of Mayor Jander
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