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Summary: The Leader of the investigation team

Egon Drossel

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: PC


Holy Roman Empire


Military tactics, combat, interrogation, and leadership



Physical Appearance

Egon is a battle scarred man, with blonde hair and dark eyes. He often wears common clothes underneath his armor.

Personality and interests

Egon is a stern man, never breaking in the pressure of conflict, and keeps his men in line with respect. He is a honorble man who believes in the Bible, taking many of it's teachings to heart.


Egon was in the ninth crusade, he watched the bloodshed that drenced the ground in the war. He remembered the conflict and the bombardment of lighting. He has never been the same since he returned home to his family, but he remains a man of god, willing to do anything for his homeland and God.


A bastard sword
A long sword
A sheild
A dagger
A cross necklace
A bible

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Image of Egon Drossel
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