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Summary: I may be damned but I'll save my family.

Adam Hood

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: PC





Swordsmanship and Sneak Attacks


Indentured to Egon Drossel

Physical Appearance

Weathered face, dark hair

He prefers chain and leather over armor

Personality and interests

Wine, women and war - but only when Egon isn't looking or around.

He's a very jovial person who enjoys the finer things and the company of others.


Adam is a bandit - 'of the hood'. Only ever acting as a soldier of fortune, he went to the Holy Lands for personal profit, not out of loyalty to any cause or belief. For as selfish as he seems, he loved his family.

His younger brother was a priest in training and died an agonizing death after being struck by lightning in Jerusalem. On his deathbed, he cursed God, so he was not even offered last rites or a Christian burial. Back home, his parents - not having any sons to help them - were starving and rather than die slowly, killed themselves. His parents were found by the locals but left to rot and not buried.

Adam sought out any priest who would save his family in the afterlife and Egon has told him that if he indentured himself to him and fought all evil until the day he died, at least his family could be saved in the afterlife.

So he fights beside Egon.


Prefers to fight with two short swords. Typically has a crossbow slung on his back when going into combat situations and/or a rope with grappling hook on one end - he's a very proficient climber.

Keeps a couple daggers for close quarters, one hidden up a sleeve.
Wears chainmail and leather - no armor.

He carries a small pouch - some of the ashes from his brother and parents.

Typically a day or two of rations and whatever coins he can muster for luxury purchases - which he spends quickly.

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Image of Adam Hood
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