Image of Brother Judas - Heinrich Weiss

Summary: A recovering thief.

Brother Judas - Heinrich Weiss

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: PC




Old life skills
Lock picking and thievery of different forms
Stealth, hiding escape
Some Italian and French (swearing and basics)
Fighting: chain and dagger,

New life skills
Staff fighting
English, French


Brother (Father)

Physical Appearance

Henrich is a thin man that stands about 5’8” tall. He has good muscle tone from morning at the monastery. He looks a bit underfed.

He wears the black robes and cassock of a Augustinian Monk. His head is shaved except for a ring of hair. His Crucifix is on a leather strap that he wears around his neck. He has a wool cloak that is brown on the inside and black and wears black gloves when he can. He avoids showing his scars to others.

His body has lots of scars on his back from beating, some by other most at his own hands. His left hand has a scar from a sword slash from a French Noble across it.

He has a way about him that makes it feel like he is looking down at you even when taller than him.

He has a set of lock picks rolled in cloth and tucked in his belt and hidden under his cloak.

Personality and interests

The good brother is personable and approachable. He is trying to be the best cleric and person he can be. He is a bit judge mental and struggles still with the sins of coveting. He is harder on himself than anyone else and struggles with the thought that God is out to get him and he deserves eternal punishment.

He is interested in learning things. The Augustinian ideals of keeping one’s hands and mind busy are important to him. He has assisted on multiple operations with a barber (He can perform minor surgery and stitches).


Heinrich Weiss was born to a merchant from the capital of Württemberg. There he did what boys who have too much time and too little supervision do, he started to drink, stole, and other activities suited to a young man’s fancy.

His father was killed by bandits as their caravan returning from Vienna was ambushed. At the age of ten he was living on the streets as his mother remarried. At the age of twelve, he stole the money purse from a French noble who was the guest of the Prince. In an attempt to escape the boy found himself in a carriage of a Cardinal going to visit the Emperor on official business.
The boy pleaded with the Cardinal not to turn it over, provision to repent, starting by handing over the money purse to the Cardinal. Henrich was talked under the Cardinals protection, meaning he could not be tried in a civil court and loose his hand. Instead he was going to be dealt with within the Church. Though it meant he had a Civil warrant waiting if he ever left the church orders.

A day later Henrich was deposited at an Augustinian Monastery and given the name of Judas by the Cardinal. The name stuck.

Henrich worked hard to learn to be a good monk. He threw himself into learning and the disciplines. The problem was when anything went missing he was the first person suspected. Some of the times they were right.

He learned English, a strange and confusing language, French, an even more Confusing Language with lots of rules, and Latin.

He performed his first Mass when he took his first vows, but was not given a parish. He was sent out as a time of testing.


Two daggers (one a Corsican Vendetta),
A Barber’s kit,
A Heavy and a light robe,
A Prayer Book,
A courier pouch with paper, notes, pen and ink, letters.

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Brother Judas - Heinrich Weiss
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