OOC - God's Forsaken

God's forsaken takes place in Europe of 1346, starting in a small village in the far northwest of the Holy Roman Empire. This is an alternative history game, a horror mystery. The players will play as villagers, crusaders, holy men, and other mainly common folk. However, this may change as the game progressess. Spalding is the start of this game, a farming town near forest that is having a long line of disappearances, distrubed graves, strange noises, and strange illnesses. You have been sent by Charles IV to uncover the mystery of the village, but beware, as this is the sign of dark times approaching, for this land has become God's Forsaken.

As this game progressess, more will be reveal and player characters will be give more freedom of creation, and the mystery remains. Look at Game description for more info in this alternative history. Welcome to God's Forsaken.

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