Prayer and investigation

Brother Judas smiled and nodded at the suggestion. He was in the priests parish so he was technically under his jurisdiction and control. Host parish priests were busy with the spiritual, economic, and political life of the parish. Some though were political appointments or people who bought their position. These were easy to tell. They had the fancy robes and the jewelry. Like many of his brothers, this made the young monk’s blood boil. Judas knew all to well that demons can work through men, bandits, priests, or kings.

“I will be happy to visit Father as I am obligated to visit him and the parish,” he said. The parish priest might extend some form of hospitality in return, a bed for the night, some coins, or what the Father deems to be a need.

He listened to what others were going to do and when they were to meet, He looked out the windows to see where the sun was.

He said, “Mass should be occurring soon. And I may be able to catch father after.”
He rose gently and asked, “Might I leave my pack with all of you?”
He assumed this would be their base of operations.
He also turned to Iva and asked if she would like to go to mass.

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