Begin the investgation

"The problem is we know little about what we are facing. I propose in the morning, I have the girl show me the path she mentioned. From there, I can scout further into the forest while it's day and see if there are any signs or tracks. I think our dear brother here should press on the local priest for information. And perhaps with your rank, sir, find a village elder or shopkeeper who may have more info to share?"

Egon grunted in agreement, "I believe that will be perfect, Brother Judas, the girl will go with Adam, you go speak with the local priest, from my understanding he is a very religious man, I will go speak with the village elder. Let's go." He wandered off to find a village elder, leaving the two for their own devices.
Iva led Adam down the same path she followed her father many days ago, however, she seemed to be struggling to go down the path, shaking with fear each time she took a step. The forests seemed perfectly normal, however it seemed unnaturally quiet, as if the wildlife was disappearing.
Brother Judas found the church in a wretched state, far from the village. The shattered windows were boarded up, makeshift spikes jutted out from any possible entrance, while the main doors seemed to have light scratches outside it. He noticed some strange good on the spikes, a brownish liquid. He noticed a man watching him from one of the windows, "Who goes there!?"

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