Sick feeling in the soul.

Brother Judas found the church in a wretched state, far from the village. The shattered windows were boarded up, makeshift spikes jutted out from any possible entrance, while the main doors seemed to have light scratches outside it. He noticed some strange good on the spikes, a brownish liquid. He noticed a man watching him from one of the windows, "Who goes there!?"

The young monk lifted his hands up to his eyes to see better. His soul worried that inside of the church was in as bad repair.

β€œI am Brother Judas, a traveling Monk, and I came to pray and at the altar and do Adoration. I truly mean you no harm! May I come in and do that?” He asked as he moved a bit closer. He did not need to yell.

He lifted his hands and turned around showing he had his prayer book, wooden beaded Rosary, and his walking staff.

In his left sleeve he did have the lock picks and a dagger, some old habits are hard to get rid of.

As he got closer he called out, β€œIs the priest here?” He called in a pleasant tone.

He was worried that the tabernacle would be in disrepair or

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