The Fear of the Woods

"Let's take a break, please, come and sit. Apologies for being so direct and personal with you, but may I ask what happened to your father?"

Iva shivered in horror, "I told you before, the devil took him. The dead men snatched him, and pulled him from that clearing right there." She points towards a drop off near the tree line, small engravings could be seen in the forest ground before it.

"Have you relatives in town or nearby with which you may live now?"

"No, I don't, my father was the only family I had." She began to have tears well in her eyes.

"And what is that has you and the others so scared? Please know we're here to protect the people of this village and stop whoever or whatever it is."

"The devil is what work sir, what more do you want?!" She cried out in sorrow.

He placed his hand gently on hers. "I swear to you, I'll protect you."[/i]

She slapped his hand off her, "Don't touch me!" The grief stricken girl just began to sob into her hands.

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