I know what you said, but what do you mean

"Its okay, lass," Adam said taking her in his arms and letting her cry, "the Devil can't hurt you while I'm here. He may have my soul already, but I'll fight till my last breath to see this village saved and you with it. The life I've led deserves nothing less, but I fight to save the brother who gave his life for the church and cursed God on his deathbed. I fight to save my parents who chose to end their suffering when no one else would come to their aid."

He was so conflicted. He knew she was emotional having just lost her father, but she didn't seem to have anyone else. He hadn't really made any advances on her, but she treated him like he had.

He kept holding her. He needed answers, to know what they faced. "Have you seen the devil and the dead men? From where did they come? What did they look like?"

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