The gloomy morning was misty as always in Spalding. Mayor Jander looked out from the sloppy roads if the village, he noticed a small group of horses and a carriage approached the village. He piped up immediately, running to greet the travelers. "Welcome to Spalding! I am so glad the glorious Emperor had you come here! I am Mayor Jander, at your service. " The horses stopped before the man, a lone soldier looked around. The village wasn't in the best conditions, it was large enough to be considered a town, however the quality of it was closer to a village.

Egon looked down at the man, "I'm Sergent Egon, would you he so kind to guide us to the nearest tavern?" The mayor have them a nod, "Follow me." He guided the group to a the tavern, which was a sinple wooden two story building, the bright light shining through the windows. Egon hopped off his horse, and tied its reins to the nearby post. He faced the others in this investigation team, "I'll be back here in the tavern, get some food in your bellies and plenty of rest. Once we are ready, we will discover what the hell is going on."

He followed Jander back to the townhall, his fleet sloshing in the mud.


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