An old wizen faced peered from one of the window cracks, "The Emperor sent you? Apologizes, give me a moment."

The man disappeared behind the shadows, Judas could hear the front door being unlocked, multiple clicks and clacks sounded, before the door finally cracked open. Father Andreas stepped out, a dagger in hand, he checked around the church before looking at the man before him. "Apologies brother for the state we are in, please come in." The old priest welcomed the man in, once the monk enter the church, he could see the state of the church inside wasn't as bad on the outside. It seemed that this priest was fortifying the place, to make sure nothing could enter it, the question was what was trying to break in?

Brother Judas was not quite sure. His letter with him had a Royal Seal, but it was not addressed to him.
“My Confessor told me to go,” he said calmly not wanting to stir up the church politics about the Bishop.
The young Monk followed the priest and watched the process of securing the sanctuary.
“What are you trying to keep out?” Judas asked the parish priest.
In this place the Father was his superior, so Judas followed like a puppy listens to what he said.
“Can you tell me what has been going on? The woman says Demons. The guards are saying bandits,” the young monk asked wh

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