He kept holding her. He needed answers, to know what they faced. "Have you seen the devil and the dead men? From where did they come? What did they look like?"

Iva took several long minutes of sobbing, before she could answer Adam in a very groggy voice, "I've only seen the dead men. I don't know where they came from, but they look like people, but their not." She had a few hiccups as she spoke, "They just appeared one night."

Adam heard a shuffle in the bushes, Iva instantly jumped back in fear. As the bushes moved, a young man stumbled out from the wildlife. He was unnaturally pale, covered in scratches, his clothes were also tore up, however the most notable trait about him was a massive bite wound on his arm. He uttered in a hoarse and weak voice, "Help me." He promptly collapse afterwards.

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