Devil's work?

“My Confessor told me to go,” he said calmly not wanting to stir up the church politics about the Bishop.
The young Monk followed the priest and watched the process of securing the sanctuary.
“What are you trying to keep out?” Judas asked the parish priest.
In this place the Father was his superior, so Judas followed like a puppy listens to what he said.
“Can you tell me what has been going on? The woman says Demons. The guards are saying bandits,” the young monk asked.

The priest double checked his fortifications before turning to Judas, "They will call me mad, but it is the work of the devil, Iva must be the woman you speak of. I wouldn't say it's demons for sure, I will say it's more so the work of one."

The priest walked to the cellular doors, underneath a rug. It was barricaded as well. He gently knocked on it, and was returned by the only holy screams of a woman, who snarled and growled. The door was violently pounded on from the cellular behind it. He kicked on it, with a loud bang, and the pounding stop. He pulled the rug back over the door, "She came to me, as if she had a minor sickness. I didn't think much about it until she collapse on the floor. She was alive for the night, but the next day, I found her near lifeless. I thought that was it, so I sent her body down the cellular to prepare for burial, only to have her try and attack me that very night. Didn't take long for the next few nights for others to come bashing at my door. So I had to fortify this place, may God save us."

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