The Great Escape

Catholic Temple of Caralis, Italy 1345 AD
Dungeons of Caralis

Young Phillip Gaston aka The Mouse was slowly sliding in a very small pipe as he talked to himself, "Impossible... Nothing is impossible...Come on, Mouse...dig! Dig, Mouse... Dig, Mouse...

Meanwhile at the hanging gallows the executioner and some guards were busy hanging prisoners.

Captain Valentino: Mansueto.

Guard Mansueto: Yes, sir?

Captain Valentino: Bring out the next three Hurry up!

Mansueto ran down to the prison tower and looked around as he began picking his prisoners to hang.

Mansueto: Take these two to the gallows. I want Phillipe Gaston.

Guard 1: This is the cell, sir.

Mansueto: Wrong cell. I want Phillipe Gaston, the one they call "The Mouse".

An old senile filthy prisoner began laughing as he looked at Mansueto.

Crazy Prisoner: The Mouse? The Mouse… The mouse- he left our house. No mouse today- he ran away. To ease the pain- he’s down the drain!

The old prisoner pointed to a small drain on the floor with the seal removed.

Mansueto: Where is he?!

Crazy Prisoner: I already told you, kind lord!

Mansueto was pissed as he pointed at the crazy prisoner.

Mansueto: Hang him. Search every sewer, every drain! Find him! Or Captain Valentino will hang you in his place.

A few guards looked in awe at the small hole as they didn't believe what they heard.

Guard 2: Impossible. Nobody could escape through there.

Meanwhile Mouse was still sliding down the drain pipe while talking to himself.

Mouse: It’s not unlike escaping mother’s womb. God, what a memory! Lord, I’ll never pick another pocket as long as I live, I swear.

Eventually Mouse managed to wiggle from the drain pipe and was poorly balanced on the side of the building. He looked around and saw a gargoyle statue nearby as he popped his arms back into socket.

Mouse: But here’s the problem if you won’t let me live, how can I prove my good faith to you? If you’ve heard me, this ledge will remain steady as a rock, and that thing coming at me won’t be what I think it is. If it is, there’ll be no hard feelings, of course... but I’ll be very disappointed.

The Mouse barely managed to reach the statue and climb down

Mouse: I don’t believe it...I believe it. I’m coming. It’s Phillipe, Lord. Phillipe. You won’t regret this, Lord. I’m a wonderful person.

Then Phillipe The Mouse cheerfully escaped and stole pesant clothing and a monks robe on a hanging vine as he left the city through the slums. Again he was talking to himself.

Mouse: I know I promised, Lord, never again. But I also know, that you know, what a weak-willed person I am. Come on, Mouse, keep going. Not much further. About miles, that’s all. A nice hot piece of cabbage, like my dear old mother used to make.

Mouse was walking casual as he walked to the city gate in hopes to get outside before he was found.


Meanwhile the Bishop

Captain Valentino: There’s disturbing news, Your Grace.

One of the prisoners has escaped. No one ever escapes the dungeons of Caralis, Valentino. The people of the city accept that as a historical fact.

Captain Valentino: The responsibility is mine.

Bishop: Yes.

Captain Valentino: It would be a miracle......if he manages to get through the sewage system.

Bishop: I believe in miracles, Valentino. It’s part of my job.

Captain Valentino: At any rate, Your Grace, ‘tis only one insignificant petty thief.

Bishop: Great storms announce themselves with a simple breeze, Captain, and a single rebel spark can ignite the fires of rebellion.

Captain Valentino: If he’s out there, Your Grace, I shall find him.

Bishop: Yes. Take ten men toward Varne,

Captain Valentino: We ride north to Varne. The name of the man who finds this Gaston... ...will be brought to the personal attention of the Bishop... will the body of the man who lets him get away. Open the gate!

Suddenly a storm appeared and lightning began striking the temple as it was being destroyed. Captain Valentino and his men didn't even make it out of the stables as they were assaulted by lightning while wearing metal armor. The proud Bishop who had many criminals and innocent people killed was crushed by the very large cross he prayed to everyday.

Phillipe The Mouse used that chance to escape the city as the people there panicked. Along the way he saw some injured guards and helped himself to their money pouches, a leather backpack full of food and a rather nice knife.

Mouse: Sorry again my lord but we are living in troubled times and we must do what we must.

Once Mouse was out the door he booked it as far as he could from the city. He was sure no one was going to follow him under these circumstances. However that storm was also very scary as he hoped his stolen shoes would hold up. Since he wanted to law low for a while he stuck to walking on foot and kept a low profile. He had no idea where to go as times were getting tough for everyone.

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