The priest double checked his fortifications before turning to Judas, "They will call me mad, but it is the work of the devil, Iva must be the woman you speak of. I wouldn't say it's demons for sure, I will say it's more so the work of one."

The priest walked to the cellular doors, underneath a rug. It was barricaded as well. He gently knocked on it, and was returned by the only holy screams of a woman, who snarled and growled. The door was violently pounded on from the cellular behind it. He kicked on it, with a loud bang, and the pounding stop. He pulled the rug back over the door, "She came to me, as if she had a minor sickness. I didn't think much about it until she collapse on the floor. She was alive for the night, but the next day, I found her near lifeless. I thought that was it, so I sent her body down the cellular to prepare for burial, only to have her try and attack me that very night. Didn't take long for the next few nights for others to come bashing at my door. So I had to fortify this place, may God save us."

Judas looked a bit surprised at what he was being told.
“Mad?” The Monk asked, “From what I was told the people of the parish love you and you are very faithful to your call.”

Judas followed in the wake of the priest as he checked things.

“Can you tell me more of her sickness?” He asked then continued, “Was it a palsy or something like a plague?”
Spider, snakes, drugs, bad drink or food could all cause something like this. Demonic possession, most certainly could. The Augustinian way required him to follow all natural leads before going to the supernatural.
“Did you call for a physician?” He asked wanting to know if they had found anything.
Nails, hair, eyes, skin, color of her lips, smells, and many other things gave clues that were important to the cause of her ailment.

Watching the priest work himself up, Brother Judas brought him to the front of the chapel and had him sit on one of the padded pews.

Brother Judas thought about this situation.
First, he needed do his obligation to God.
Second, he needed more of the story about what was going on around here and in the area.
Then the woman under the church was a problem that would need to be dealt with, in the day light.

“Father, may I preside?” Brother Judas asked the priest still wanting to know more but wanting him to calm down and keep his wits.

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