A deep plan

Watching the priest work himself up, Brother Judas brought him to the front of the chapel and had him sit on one of the padded pews.

Brother Judas thought about this situation.
First, he needed do his obligation to God.
Second, he needed more of the story about what was going on around here and in the area.
Then the woman under the church was a problem that would need to be dealt with, in the day light.

“Father, may I preside?” Brother Judas asked the priest still wanting to know more but wanting him to calm down and keep his wits.

Andreas turned to the monk, "You may."

He turned back to the cross and gave a single prayer, "She became pale, like a corpse, in fact, much of them look like corpses, yet moving as if alive. They are living dead, dead men as you might say." He gently wandered around, "I'm not sure what causes it, but she had a wound, perhaps it spreads through that."

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