Enter The Mouse

Phillipe had been walking for a very long time and he managed to slip past security as long as he didn't draw any attention to himself. Sadly this meant limited what he could steal along the way. He had to fight the urge to brag about his great escape since both the guards and peasants were on edge and fighting over food. Every town he passed through was in bad shape since supplies were in limited availability. It was like the whole country was going through a sort of famine. This did not bode well for the young thief as he took what he could and slipped out of town before anyone was the wiser.

Lucky for him he managed to blend in as a monk after finding a dead monk in the woods. Phillipe stole the old robe, rosary, bible and whatever he had on him. By the looks of it the old monk died of sickness. To pay his respects to the old monk he buried him and said a small made up prayer. Ironically the name on the bible was Phillipe as well, which amused Phillipe since he thought he was getting a message from god.

Phillipe: I see you are trying to remind me to change my ways. Well how about I read this book for starters? Luckily I was able to learn a bit from some street urchins.

So during his resting time he read the rather large book hoping for some insight as he did his best to understand it. Since Phillipe was always on the go he had no idea how much time had gone by or what day it was till he was in a town again. Days became weeks and weeks became months as he was getting tired of his life on the run. Occasionally he would come across a few dead bodies and collected when he could from them. However the fear of being recognized was enough to make him hesitant to stay long in any town or village. Sadly this lifestyle also made it hard for him to get up to date news on what was going on.

Eventually he saw a rather large village ahead. He felt hope that he could get a warm meal and a bed to sleep in for the night since it really was hard to sleep in the woods with wild animals about. Sadly Phillipe's smile turned to a frown as he saw the gloomy misty morning and the sloppy roads if the village called Spalding. The village was in very poor condition even though it was large enough to be considered a town. Phillipe sighed as he entered the village after a humble greeting with the guard. Phillipe got the impression the guard thought he was with a group including a monk. Hoping to make life easy for himself he nodded and smiled a lot.

Then he quickly made his way to the inn and saw a busy bartender and a busty woman waiting tables. Phillipe called to the barwench and asked for some hot soup and some wine. She gave him a questionable look and asked if he had any coin and Phillipe nodded as he showed he a small coin pouch. After paying for his meal and drink she brought it straight to him. He looked around hoping he was not recognized by anyone then ate his soup and stale bread while sipping his wine. He was not sure how long he would be in this town since it had little to offer him.


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