Come on lads

They weren't a large group and a couple of the men they'd met along the way. He didn't like going into a situation that needed a team like this being with people he didn't know. Of course, he'd been on his own most of the time anyways.

After father caught him bedding the local bishop's niece in their hay loft, surrounded by wine and meat purchased using funds from goods stolen from the local abbey, he'd been cast away. He would not inherit anything. Not there was anything to inherit - a meager farm, a few animals, and the shack they'd called home. But it was his father's and he was beholden to no man. His little brother then by rights should have become the heir of a such a marvelous spread, but Aaron was always different. He preferred books over work and the family couldn't imagine anyone taking him in as an apprentice. But with the land now he might be able to do something. Instead, he'd joined the priesthood. Joined and died in the events of Jerusalem.

Adam was there too, but not at any liege's request nor at the calling of the Church. Jerusalem was a ripe vineyard for the plucking and Adam had intended to fill his basket full. But as so often they do, things go sideways and here he was, indentured to Egon with the promise that if he died fighting for the Church, at least his family's souls would be saved from Perdition.

He dismounted and called to the others. "Come on lads, you heard 'em. There'll be drink and meat tonight but tomorrow one never knows." They entered and Adam was pleased to see it was a bit better on the inside than out - a few tables, a large fire with something roasting over it and a soup pot too.

No one inside looked that dangerous and there was even a busty woman serving drinks. Probably the place's wife, by her age, and not that that would stop him. Then he spied a younger, prettier version of her, taking things to tables. There was an even prettier lass trying to keep to herself slowly savoring each bite of the small soup bowl she had.

Yes, there'd be enough in at least this tavern to keep him occupied for the night.

He stepped to the bar and put on his most charming smile. "Good day to you miss. You must be the darling daughter of the owner of this establishment. We've come at the behest of Charles IV and my Sergeant speaks with your Mayor just now. Are there rooms we might let for our stay? And please, see that lass there (Iva) gets any can eat tonight on me. The night is too cold to also be hungry," he said sliding a few coins over that would be enough to feed a few grown men.

Adam always spent his coins freely. Egon would have arranged accommodations or made sure the men would have a warm and dry place to sleep - the least the town could provide for their services - and each man was paid a wage for even a day in advance so they'd never be wanting. Their road was perilous and one should never be wanting when you might not know if you'll even have another chance to get what you want.

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