Prepared or Don’t open doors to demons

After the prayer, Andreas took a seat on one of the benches. "Not that I know of, some were very rotten to even tell. As for the woman, the wound was on her calf. A large chunk was missing. Strangely it wasn't bleeding at all, as if the blood was none existence."

The woman behind the door grew silent, Andreas pulled out a cross and a unlight torch. He slowly approached the celluar door, "She's gone quite, too quite. Something is wrong."

Brother Judas did he normal response as he pulled a dagger from his sleeve and moved to protect the priest. He held it like a boy who had grown up fighting on the street in Corsica. In his other hand was the Lavabo with some Holy Water.
Judas was prepared to throw the water first in case this was truly spiritual warfare.

He wanted to keep her in what ever state he could

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