Opps I Did It Again

Egon approached the man, trying to get a better look at him, "Well well, if it isn't the little Mouse. So, what brings you to this fine investing place?"

Phillipe froze in terror as Egon sat before him and literally called him out. He was not sure if this was in jest or if he really knew his identity. He was to far from the door to make a run for it and he was even a match for Egon as he sized him up and saw his scars. Phillipe The mouse Gaston was now scared that he came to this town and needed to find an out, so he decided to play the idiot.

Phillipe: I am sorry my good sir. I know not of your name yet you seem to relish in calling me a small rodent. Have I offended you in some manner? I am but a humble monk passing thru and looking for a warm meal. If I am unwelcome I will finish my meal and be gone from your sight.

Phillipe hope his little speech would buy him time to escape.


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