Reports of the impossible

In the days since darkness had struck their world Adam had heard all manner of tales. Many were fabrications of the drunk, ignorant, or petty masses. Others were outright lies told by those trying to monopolize on any situations which might turn a coin in their favor. But a few, albeit how strange or impossible they might have sounded, of the reports were true.

At first he'd drawn his sword by instinct and kept Iva at bay in case the man was foreign to her. But the thought occurred to him...It was strange, what did she mean by that? If he was a villager, he shouldn't be something strange, in fact he looks as if he was sick and require assistance.

Adam looked around. He spied some vines on a nearby tree. He gathered them up, tied up the young man, including one in his mouth to gag him some, and hoisted him over his shoulder. "We must hurry. If you an apothecary, priest, or witch who might aid in his care or at least diagnosis - lead me there quickly!"

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