Decisions Decisions

Egon shook his head, "Phillipe, your a wanted man. You aren't a humble monk. Now, I should grab you by your neck and drag you back to the cell you crawled out of. However your in luck, you see the Emperor himself is willing to pardon anyone who aids us in our investigation in this town. As well as a reward. Think about it before you do something rash." He patted then on the back rather roughly.

Phillipe looked at Egon to see his expression as he debated on his options as he flinched from the rather rough pat on his back. It was obvious that Egon was insisting on Phillipe working for him instead of throwing him in jail. This gave Phillipe some bargaining room and time to escape in the future if things got bad. So he decided to probe for more information.

Phillipe: So a possible pardon and award in return for aiding in this investigation? Surely there has to be a catch. What level of danger are we talking about?

Phillipe waited to see the response of Egon.


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